Daniel García Trio

Daniel García Trio live in Paris

Oct. 10, 2024 at Le Bal Blomet in Paris, France

The Daniel García Trio is set to perform at Le Bal Blomet in Paris, France on October 10, 2024. The trio is known for their unique blend of jazz, Latin, and flamenco influences, creating a dynamic and energetic musical experience for audiences.

Le Bal Blomet is a historic venue located in the heart of Paris, known for its rich cultural heritage and intimate atmosphere. Originally opened in the 1920s as a cabaret club, Le Bal Blomet has hosted a variety of performances ranging from music concerts to dance shows.

The upcoming concert by the Daniel García Trio promises to showcase the band's virtuosity and improvisational skills, drawing on their diverse musical backgrounds to create a captivating performance. With Daniel García on guitar, accompanied by talented musicians on bass and percussion, the trio's music is sure to transport listeners to new musical realms.

Fans of jazz fusion and world music are in for a treat at this concert, as the Daniel García Trio pushes boundaries and explores new sonic territories. Whether you're a longtime fan of the band or discovering their music for the first time, this performance at Le Bal Blomet is not to be missed for music enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable night of live music in Paris.