Daniel García Trio

Daniel García Trio live in Brussels

Feb. 22, 2025 at Flagely in Brussels, Belgium

The Daniel García Trio is set to perform at Flagely in Brussels, Belgium on February 22, 2025. The trio is known for their unique blend of jazz and Latin music, creating a vibrant and dynamic sound that captivates audiences.

Flagely, located in the heart of Brussels, is a popular venue known for hosting a variety of cultural events including concerts, art exhibitions, and performances. The venue's intimate setting provides an ideal space for music lovers to enjoy live performances up close.

Daniel García, the leader of the trio, is a talented guitarist and composer who has garnered recognition for his innovative approach to blending different musical styles. His compositions often feature intricate melodies and rhythms that showcase his technical prowess and creativity.

Joining Daniel García are his bandmates who bring their own unique talents to the group, creating a cohesive sound that has earned them a dedicated following. Together, they deliver electrifying performances that showcase their passion for music and their commitment to pushing boundaries.

Fans of jazz, Latin music, or anyone looking for an unforgettable night of live music are sure to enjoy the upcoming concert by the Daniel García Trio at Flagely in Brussels.