Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex live in Inglewood

Oct. 12, 2024 at Kia Forum in Inglewood, United States

Cigarettes After Sex, an ambient pop band known for their dreamy and atmospheric sound, is scheduled to perform at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, United States on October 12, 2024. The band's music style is characterized by ethereal vocals, slow tempos, and minimalist instrumentation, creating a hypnotic and introspective listening experience for their fans.

The Kia Forum, formerly known as the Great Western Forum and later the Inglewood Forum, is a historic indoor arena with a seating capacity of approximately 17,500. Located in Inglewood, California, the venue has a rich history of hosting various sporting events and concerts since its opening in 1967. Over the years, it has welcomed legendary musicians and bands from different genres to its stage.

The upcoming concert by Cigarettes After Sex at the Kia Forum promises to be a memorable event for fans of the band and lovers of indie music alike. With their signature blend of shoegaze and ambient pop influences, the band is expected to deliver a captivating performance that showcases their unique sound and emotional depth.

Attendees can look forward to experiencing Cigarettes After Sex's intimate and evocative music in the iconic setting of the Kia Forum, adding another chapter to the venue's storied legacy of hosting exceptional live performances.