Butcher Brown

Butcher Brown live in Barcelona

Nov. 18, 2024 at Sala Apolo in Barcelona, Spain

Butcher Brown, a five-piece instrumental band from Richmond, Virginia, is set to perform at Sala Apolo in Barcelona, Spain on November 18, 2024. Known for their unique blend of jazz, hip-hop, funk, and rock influences, Butcher Brown's music style is characterized by intricate rhythms, soulful melodies, and improvisational jams that showcase each member's musical prowess.

Sala Apolo is a renowned music venue located in the heart of Barcelona's Poble-sec neighborhood. Established in 1943, Sala Apolo has a rich history of hosting a wide range of live music performances across various genres, making it a popular destination for both local and international artists. The venue's intimate yet vibrant atmosphere provides concert-goers with an immersive experience that enhances the connection between the audience and the performers on stage.

With Butcher Brown's reputation for delivering dynamic and energetic live shows that captivate audiences of all musical tastes, their upcoming concert at Sala Apolo promises to be an unforgettable night filled with infectious grooves and electrifying performances. Fans can expect to be taken on a musical journey that transcends genres and showcases the band's undeniable talent and passion for creating innovative sounds that push boundaries and defy categorization.