Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell live in Stanford

June 21, 2025 at Stanford Jazz Workshop in Stanford, United States

Bill Frisell, a renowned American guitarist and composer known for his eclectic style that blends elements of jazz, country, folk, and rock music, is set to perform at the Stanford Jazz Workshop in Stanford, United States on June 21, 2025.

Frisell's music is characterized by his unique approach to improvisation and his use of effects pedals to create innovative sounds. He has collaborated with a wide range of musicians across different genres and has released numerous albums as a bandleader.

The Stanford Jazz Workshop is an annual summer program that brings together students of all ages and skill levels to study with world-class jazz musicians. Founded in 1972, the workshop offers a variety of classes, workshops, and performances aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of jazz music.

The concert featuring Bill Frisell at the Stanford Jazz Workshop is expected to draw a diverse audience of music enthusiasts and aspiring musicians eager to witness his virtuosic guitar playing and unique musical vision. With its long history of promoting jazz education and performance, the Stanford Jazz Workshop provides an ideal setting for Frisell to showcase his talent and inspire the next generation of jazz artists.