Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell live in Evanston

June 3, 2025 at Space - Evanston Il in Evanston, United States

Bill Frisell, a renowned American guitarist and composer known for his eclectic style that blends elements of jazz, country, folk, and rock music, is set to perform at Space in Evanston, Illinois on June 3, 2025. Frisell's music is characterized by its unique blend of genres and his innovative approach to the guitar, incorporating effects and loops to create rich, atmospheric soundscapes.

Space - Evanston Il is a popular live music venue located in the heart of downtown Evanston. Known for its intimate setting and top-notch sound quality, Space has hosted a wide range of artists from various genres since opening its doors in 2008. The venue's cozy atmosphere and attentive staff make it a favorite among both musicians and concert-goers alike.

Frisell's upcoming concert at Space promises to be a memorable evening for fans of his genre-defying music. With a career spanning over four decades and collaborations with artists such as John Zorn, Elvis Costello, and Norah Jones, Frisell has established himself as one of the most innovative guitarists of his generation. His live performances are known for their improvisational nature and ability to captivate audiences with their emotional depth and sonic explorations.

Fans of Bill Frisell won't want to miss this opportunity to see him perform live at Space - Evanston Il on June 3rd.