Avi Avital

Avi Avital live in Frankfurt

May 12, 2025 at Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany

Avi Avital, an Israeli mandolinist known for his virtuosic and expressive performances, is set to showcase his unique music style at Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany on May 12, 2025. Avital's music style blends classical compositions with folk influences, creating a captivating and dynamic sound that has garnered him international acclaim.

The Alte Oper, a renowned concert hall in Frankfurt, has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Originally built in 1880, the Alte Oper was one of the major opera houses in Germany until it was heavily damaged during World War II. After extensive renovations, the building reopened in 1981 as a concert hall, hosting a wide range of musical performances from classical to contemporary.

Avi Avital's upcoming concert at Alte Oper promises to be a memorable experience for music enthusiasts. His innovative approach to the mandolin and his ability to connect with audiences through his emotive playing make him a standout performer in the classical music world. With the grandeur and acoustics of Alte Oper as the backdrop, this concert is sure to be a harmonious blend of exceptional talent and historic ambiance.