Andrè Schuen

Andrè Schuen live in Vienna

May 7, 2025 at Wiener Konzerthaus in Vienna, Austria

Andrè Schuen, a talented baritone singer known for his expressive and versatile voice, will be performing at the renowned Konzerthaus in Vienna, Austria on May 7, 2025. Schuen is celebrated for his interpretations of lieder, opera, and oratorio repertoire, showcasing a deep emotional connection to the music he performs.

The Konzerthaus in Vienna is a prestigious concert hall with a rich history dating back to its opening in 1913. Known for its exceptional acoustics and stunning architecture, the Konzerthaus has hosted countless world-class musicians and orchestras over the years, making it a sought-after venue for both artists and audiences alike.

Schuen's upcoming concert at the Konzerthaus promises to be a memorable evening of music, featuring a diverse selection of pieces that highlight his vocal range and artistry. With his dynamic stage presence and ability to convey the essence of each composition, Schuen is sure to captivate the audience and deliver a performance that resonates with all who attend.

This concert presents a unique opportunity to experience Andrè Schuen's exceptional talent in one of Vienna's most esteemed concert halls, promising an evening of musical excellence that is not to be missed.