Altin Gün

Altin Gün live in Manchester

Aug. 31, 2024 at Manchester Psych Fest 2024 in Manchester, United Kingdom

Altin Gün, a Turkish psychedelic folk band known for their unique fusion of traditional Anatolian music with modern psych-rock elements, is set to perform at Manchester Psych Fest 2024 in Manchester, United Kingdom on August 31, 2024. The band's music style is characterized by infectious grooves, hypnotic melodies, and vibrant instrumentation that draws inspiration from the rich musical heritage of Turkey.

Manchester Psych Fest is an annual music festival that showcases a diverse lineup of psychedelic and experimental artists from around the world. The festival has gained a reputation for featuring cutting-edge acts and providing a platform for emerging talent in the psych music scene. With multiple stages, art installations, and immersive experiences, Manchester Psych Fest offers attendees a full day of mind-bending performances and creative exploration.

Altin Gün's participation in Manchester Psych Fest 2024 adds to the festival's eclectic programming, promising an electrifying performance that blends cultural influences with contemporary sounds. As one of the leading bands in the global psych revival movement, Altin Gün's dynamic live shows have garnered acclaim for their energetic performances and cross-cultural appeal. Fans can expect a transcendent musical journey at Altin Gün's concert at Manchester Psych Fest 2024.