On February 28, 2024, the renowned musician Actress is scheduled to perform at Echo in Los Angeles, United States. Actress, whose real name is Darren J. Cunningham, is a British electronic music producer and DJ known for his unique and experimental sound.

Actress's music style can be described as a fusion of various genres such as techno, IDM (intelligent dance music), and ambient. His compositions often incorporate intricate rhythms, glitchy textures, and atmospheric elements that create an immersive sonic experience. With a career spanning over two decades, Actress has gained critical acclaim for his innovative approach to electronic music and has become a prominent figure in the underground music scene.

Echo, located in the heart of Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood, is a popular music venue known for hosting a diverse range of artists across different genres. The venue has a capacity of approximately 350 people and offers an intimate setting for live performances. Echo has been praised for its excellent acoustics and cozy atmosphere, attracting both established acts and emerging artists.

Throughout its history, Echo has showcased an eclectic lineup of musicians from various genres including indie rock, punk, electronic, and hip-hop. The venue's commitment to promoting local talent has made it a hub for the city's vibrant music community. With its intimate setting and diverse programming, Echo provides concert-goers with an opportunity to experience live music up close while enjoying the vibrant energy of Los Angeles' thriving music scene.