Tirzah Mastin, known professionally as Tirzah, is a distinctive British musician who has been making waves in the music scene since her debut. Born and raised in Essex, she has been involved with music from a young age, studying harp and art at the Purcell School for Young Musicians before moving on to study textiles at Central Saint Martins.

Tirzah's style is a unique blend of experimental pop, soul, and electronic music. She first gained recognition with her EP "I'm Not Dancing" in 2013, produced by long-time friend and collaborator Micachu (Mica Levi). Her work is characterized by its minimalist production, unconventional song structures, and her emotive vocals that often explore themes of love and relationships.

Her debut album "Devotion" was released in 2018 to critical acclaim. It was described as "one of the most beautiful and progressive synth-pop records of the year" by Pitchfork and was nominated for an IMPALA Album of the Year award. The album also made it onto numerous end-of-year lists, further cementing Tirzah's status as a groundbreaking artist.

Tirzah continues to push boundaries with her music while maintaining a low-key public persona. Her work stands out for its raw honesty and innovative approach to genre conventions. With each new release, Tirzah solidifies her place as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary music.


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