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HAUSER, born Stjepan Hauser, is a Croatian cellist known for his captivating performances and unique style. He rose to fame as one half of the classical music duo 2Cellos, alongside Luka Šulić. The duo gained international recognition with their innovative cello covers of popular songs, which garnered millions of views on YouTube.

After achieving success with 2Cellos, HAUSER launched his solo career in 2020, focusing on classical music and showcasing his exceptional talent as a cellist. His solo performances have received critical acclaim for their emotional depth and technical prowess.

HAUSER's style can be described as a fusion of classical music with contemporary influences, creating a sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences. His performances are characterized by his passionate playing and ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

Throughout his career, HAUSER has achieved numerous accomplishments, including performing at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and collaborating with renowned artists like Andrea Bocelli and Yo-Yo Ma. He has also released several successful albums, including "Classic" and "Alone, Together," which have topped classical music charts worldwide.

Overall, HAUSER is a talented and versatile musician who continues to push boundaries in the world of classical music. His dedication to his craft and ability to connect with audiences make him a standout artist in the industry.


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