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Hatis Noit is a critically acclaimed Japanese vocal artist known for her unique and ethereal style of music. Born in Shiretoko, Hokkaido, Noit began her musical journey at an early age, studying classical piano and opera before discovering her passion for experimental vocal techniques. Her career has been marked by a series of impressive accomplishments and collaborations that have solidified her status as one of the most innovative and captivating artists in contemporary music.

Noit's style can be described as a fusion of classical, avant-garde, and electronic music, with a focus on using her voice as an instrument to create intricate and mesmerizing soundscapes. She employs various extended vocal techniques such as overtone singing, throat singing, and whispers to craft otherworldly compositions that push the boundaries of traditional vocal performance.

Throughout her career, Hatis Noit has collaborated with renowned artists across different genres. In 2018, she released her debut EP titled "Illogical Dance" on Erased Tapes Records, which garnered widespread critical acclaim. The EP featured collaborations with acclaimed producer Matmos and Icelandic composer Ben Frost.

Noit's talent has also caught the attention of esteemed composers such as Björk and Ryuichi Sakamoto. She has had the privilege of performing alongside Björk during the Cornucopia tour in 2019, showcasing her exceptional vocal abilities to captivated audiences around the world.