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Eye Flys is a metal band formed in 2018 by members of Full of Hell and Backslider. The group consists of Jake Smith on vocals, Spencer Hazard on guitar, Patrick Forrest on bass, and Kevin Bernsten on drums. Eye Flys is known for their heavy, aggressive sound that blends elements of hardcore punk and sludge metal.

Since their formation, Eye Flys has released two full-length albums: "Context" in 2019 and "Tub of Lard" in 2020. Both albums have been well-received by fans and critics alike, with praise for the band's intense energy and raw emotion.

Eye Flys has also toured extensively, sharing the stage with other notable bands in the metal and hardcore scenes. Their live performances are known for their intensity and ferocity, leaving audiences in awe of their powerful sound.

In addition to their music, Eye Flys has garnered attention for their unique visual aesthetic, with album artwork and merchandise that reflects the band's dark and gritty style.

Overall, Eye Flys is a rising force in the metal scene, with a growing fan base and a reputation for delivering hard-hitting music that pushes boundaries. With their distinctive sound and uncompromising attitude, Eye Flys is a band to watch for anyone who appreciates heavy music with a raw edge.


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