Camera Obscura is a Scottish indie pop band formed in 1996 in Glasgow. The band consists of Tracyanne Campbell (vocals, guitar), Carey Lander (piano, vocals), Gavin Dunbar (guitar), Lee Thomson (drums), and Kenny McKeeve (guitar).

Their music is characterized by catchy melodies, lush arrangements, and Campbell's distinctive vocals. Drawing inspiration from 1960s pop music and bands like Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura has crafted a signature sound that is both nostalgic and fresh.

Camera Obscura released their debut album "Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi" in 2001, followed by critically acclaimed albums such as "Let's Get Out of This Country" (2006) and "Desire Lines" (2013). Their song "French Navy" from the album "My Maudlin Career" (2009) became a fan favorite and received widespread acclaim.

The band has toured extensively around the world, playing at major music festivals and gaining a dedicated following. They have also collaborated with artists like Lloyd Cole and Franz Ferdinand.

Camera Obscura's music has been featured in popular TV shows and films, further expanding their reach and influence. Their timeless sound continues to resonate with fans of indie pop music.

Overall, Camera Obscura's career has been marked by consistent quality, heartfelt songwriting, and a unique musical vision that sets them apart in the indie music scene.


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