Blushing is an indie dream pop band based in Austin, Texas. The group consists of two married couples - Christina Carmona (vocals, bass), Michelle Soto (guitar, vocals), Noe Carmona (guitar), and Jake Soto (drums). Blushing first gained attention with their self-titled debut EP in 2017, which received critical acclaim for its lush soundscapes and ethereal vocals.

Blushing's music is characterized by shimmering guitars, driving rhythms, and haunting melodies that create a dreamy atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from shoegaze and post-punk influences, the band has developed a unique sound that sets them apart in the indie music scene.

Since their debut, Blushing has continued to release music that captivates audiences with its emotional depth and sonic beauty. Their 2019 album "Weak" further solidified their place as one of the most exciting bands in the dream pop genre.

In addition to their recorded work, Blushing has also made a name for themselves with their dynamic live performances. The band's chemistry on stage and ability to connect with audiences have earned them a dedicated fan base and opportunities to perform at major music festivals.

Overall, Blushing is a talented group of musicians who have carved out a niche for themselves in the indie music world with their captivating sound and heartfelt songwriting. Their future looks bright as they continue to push boundaries and explore new musical territories.


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